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Good luck Louise and Kevin!

Louise and Kevin,

We just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for the final! It has been a pleasure watching you dance every week for the last 4 months or so. Your J-word has been such a joy to follow! Not just the Saturday/Sunday nights, but through the week with the It Takes Two interviews, training tidbits, social media updates, and all that jazz!

Louise, you’ve been fab since that very first dance, the jive, but we have definitely seen a big improvement over the weeks, particularly in your confidence and performance skills. You’ve come a long way! Just remember: ‘You’re awesome!’

Kevin, we’re so proud of you – congratulations on your fourth final! We’ve loved supporting you every step of the way. You’ve been an amazing teacher to Louise, helping bring the ‘old’ Louise back with all the characters and little quirks you’ve used to help her regain her confidence. Also, your choreography has been top notch as always!

To the two of you, thanks for giving us so many great memories and some fab-u-lous dances! It has been a pleasure to support you, and lovely interacting with so many of your lovely supporters – a few of which have some messages to share with you below.

Thank you #TeamLouVin on an uh-mazing series!

Chantelle and Charlene (@TeamLouVin_SCD)

Good luck Louise and Kevin! I know you can do this!

Thanks for producing some of my favourite dances of the series – that Argentine Tango that took my breath away; that thrilling Paso; that fab-u-lously camp American Smooth… I could go on!

Louise, having followed your career since the Eternal days (I was a big Smash Hits! reader, what can I say?!), it’s been lovely to see you back performing again for the first time in years. You’ve grown so much over the series, and that has been so wonderful to watch. So happy for you that you have reached the final, because you truly deserve it!

Kevin, well, here we are again, final number 4 – and that’s testament to your teaching ability! I always say how proud I am of you,  and I mean it! I love supporting you through every series of Strictly, and this year has been no exception. You’ve choreographed some amazing routines yet again, and being such a kind, supportive partner to Louise.

Thank you #TeamLouVin for a fab-u-lous series full of happy memories, and it’s been a pleasure running @TeamLouVin_SCD to support you two – see you both on tour!

Love, Chantelle (@shnicky4eva)

Louise, Congratulations on making it through to the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2016 💃🏼 your musicality, precision and ability to pull off the complicated choreography Kevin has hit you with every week is FABULOUS & is why you deserve your spot on that floor! Kev, what can I say….4th final in a row, but your choreography has hit a new high this series and I am so excited for your showdance on Saturday, I know you’ll smash it as always Louise 😘 Enjoy the final, have fun & WIN!!! It’s been a pleasure running through your journey (thanks for the follow Louise 😉😘) and look forward to seeing you on tour in Glasgow

Charlene (@KnickyEganByrne)


Good luck Kevin & Louise for Saturday night (@Louise4Shane)

Just wanted to say good luck guys, you have been my favourite all year and I am so proud of you both. Let’s hope that it’s 4x lucky for you Kevin will be voting, good luck on Saturday guys Beth x (@bethfordyce98)

A massive HELLO to you both! Just wanted to say that i am wishing you all the best for this weekend ❤ i have been so amazed with the standard of dance you’ve come out with each week. Louise your shaping of your arms when you dance is stunning!!! And i love that you always have a massive grin on your face when you dance – you two are a joy to watch when you perform ❤ i know that your dances this weekend will be fantastic and i hope training is going well. I included this photo because not only was it AMAZING but i have a secret weakness for cosplay and your outfits had me like 😱😱😱. I’m so glad you both made it to the final (Louise you did it!) because you definitely deserve to be there without a doubt ❤ Kev you have done a flawless job in teaching Louise, you’ve both been stars! Massive good luck!! Love Becca () xxxx


Louise & Kevi, just to say good luck enjoy the final and sending u all the luck and best wishes luv Jane and Millie Moo xx😘😘 (@janelottering)

Louise and Kevin, We have loved watching and supporting you on Strictly, Each week you have performed an fantastic dance and made us proud, We will support you always xx

Good Luck to Louise & Kevin on Saturday, I’m sure you’re going to be fantastic, and lift the Glitter Ball. Love,Christine (@ChristineHulle1)

Good Luck & I hope you smash it in the final.:)  (@Kevenlaw)

Come on I know u can win this!! I said most of it already though but GOOD LUCK!


Good luck to the very talented and lovely Louise and my favourite pro dancer Kevin xx (@wendysyd)





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Good luck Ore and Joanne!

Ore and Jo – we just want to wish the you the very best of luck with the final!

Well, it’s been one heck of a ‘J-word’ for you guys!  Such an emotional rollercoaster, but in the best possible way. Thank you for being such an amazing partnership and providing us with some lasting, special memories from this series of Strictly.

Ore, you have surprised us from the get-go. We always knew you would be good, but you have blown us away with your passion, dedication, and sheer joy each week. You have grown into such a fab-u-lous dancer through your hard work. And we love your tears, because we know they come from the heart!

Jo, congratulations on your first final! We’re so glad you have got a chance to truly shine this year , and show just how good a dancer and a teacher you are. You have produced some outstanding choreography, and been such a tower of strength to Ore.

To the both of you, your partnership has been a standout of the series (even if we may be a bit biased!). From the moment you were paired, we knew you’d get on, but it’s amazing just how well you’ve gelled; and that has shown in every dance. You’re so in sync!

Thanks for some wonderful memories, and some of the best dances of the series for us. It’s been a blast!

Whatever happens on the night, know that we’re proud of you – and the same goes for all your many supporters, a few of which have some messages for you below.

Charlene and Chantelle (@TeamOjo_SCD)

Ore, Congratulations on reaching the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2016 💃🏼 You have truly taken to it like a duck to water, your Jive was AWESOME, your Foxtrot a delight…I could go on! Jo has been able to show her true skills with spectacular choreography for you every week and you have pulled it off each time! Joanne you are amazing! You are what Strictly is all about….you are now a DANCER 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 It’s been a pleasure running throughout your journey, GOOD LUCK For the final on Saturday 💃🏼🏆👌🏻 “Never Let anyone dull your sparkle”

Charlene (@KnickyEganByrne)

Good luck #TeamOJo!

It’s been brill supporting you every week through every dance, the results show, and all the rest of it. You have had one of my absolute favourite partnerships ever!

Ore, wow, what can I say?! You have truly come such a long way. Always had an inkling you’d be good, but you have been even better than that! To say you have never really danced before, you have developed into a real mover! Also, you have really endeared me with your emotional side, aww! You really do deserve your place in that final.

Jo, soooo proud of you! To think, 3 years ago we were celebrating you becoming a world champion, and now we’re celebrating another big moment – your first Strictly final! Your choreography has been truly stunning, and you’ve really allowed Ore his time to shine.

Thanks to the two of you for some of my favourite dances of the series, if not ever. THAT jive still makes my jaw drop even when I watch it now – so glad you’re reprising it in the final! As for that American Smooth – simply gaw-jus! That’s just a couple of examples – I’ve loved every single dance to be honest.

Gotta say, it’s also been an honour running @TeamOjo_SCD for you both1

So, all that’s left for me to say is – good luck, go and give it your all, and I know you’ll smash it! And I’ll see you both here in Leeds next year – Ore on the SCD tour, Jo in ‘Millie’.

Go #TeamOJo!

Love, Chantelle xx (@shnicky4eva)


Hey Jo, hey Ore, just to say a MASSIVE GOOD LUCK for the final. I know that you will both do so well and I’m really looking forward to seeing your jive again! I know you can get a perfect 40 this time around ❤ Ore your confidence in yourself has grown so much since Week 1, and i can really see how much all of this means to you, but it’s okay to let it grow more – you’re always so amazed when you get 10s, but you deserve them!!! Jo you have done a FABULOUS job in not only the choreography, but also in teaching Ore. Each dance has brought something new and i cannot choose a favourite dance of yours, because they’re all so good! ❤ I’m genuinely really excited for your showdance! When i heard what you were dancing to, i started welling up because i know how beautiful it’s going to be. I’m so so proud of you both ❤ one last thing, Ore i don’t know if you saw this before but your cousin teaches me chemistry 😂 (She’s so nice by the way!) anyways, just saying that the whole of Wimborne is behind you (especially my Chem class!) and if you want to visit Wimborne after the final, we’d love to see you (Jo please come too 😂💜). It would be so amazing to meet you both. Good luck and most importantly, HAVE FUN. Love Becca () xxxx

Good luck for this weekend, you are both amazing and make me a very proud fan. So excited to see your dances. You have grown so much since week 1 and have always been my favourites. Have a blast on your final dances. Lots of love Emily ❤ xxx


Can’t wait to see the show dance! Know it will be fab! Wishing you so much luck! Enjoy every moment (@dancingnannie)

my favourites from the beginning. Ore, what a star, from novice to SCD champion (I hope). Jo, you’re a genius. G’wan and win it (@pats06)

oh my word it’s hear come Ore you can do it 💗💗 (@pebblespoppy66)

Article: Louise Redknapp credits husband Jamie for his support during competition – ‘It’s taken me back to twenty years ago’


Over the past few months, Louise Redknapp has hooked Strictly Come Dancing viewers with her dazzling routines alongside dance partner Kevin Clifton. And as she prepares for one the glitziest nights in TV’s winter calendar – the 2016 Strictly final – the 42-year-old has taken the time to reflect on her whole experience, in particular crediting her husband Jamie for all his support.

Speaking at a press conference this week, Louise revealed that the biggest highlight had been making her husband of 18 years “very proud”. She explained: “I’m going to be so honest, when I first started Strictly, I thought this is so not going to up Jamie’s street. But since then I can’t get rid of him, he comes every Saturday and sits on the front row – he’s also in the training room.

“I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I was just going to go off to work, do my thing. Honestly, he was very happy for me to do it, he said, ‘I think it’s going to be great for you and it’s about time you got back out there and show everyone who you are.’ I just wasn’t expecting him to be there every Saturday.”


Strictly’s Louise Redknapp reveals she didn’t expect her husband Jamie to be so supportive

Louise and professional footballer Jamie, 43, married in 1998 and have since welcomed two sons together – Charley, 12, and Beau, eight. The former pop star went on to say that Strictly has had a huge positive on her marriage. “That has made this experience so special for me, it’s really nice to see that person you love be extremely proud of you,” she explained. “It takes me back to how we were twenty years ago when we first met and I was on stage. So all good things come out of Strictly.”

In October, the mother-of-two revealed that Jamie and Kevin – who is married to fellow Strictly dancer Karen Clifton – have formed a close bond. “We get him to be our audience. Kevin and he end up talking about football and I’ll be like, ‘Erm, any chance we could learn the cha-cha-cha?'” she told HELLO! Magazine, before noting: “He came to watch filming and said he felt sick, He couldn’t contain his nerves.”


The former pop star will be competing in the final alongside dance partner Kevin Clifton on Saturday

The former Eternal band member also admitted that the couple’s bond is stronger than ever, explaining that they don’t take each other “for granted”. She continued: “Every day is a new day and I never take Jamie or my relationship for granted. You always have to work on it and focus on putting each other first when you can. Long may it continue.”

Louise and Kevin will be competing against Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse, and Ore Oduba and Kevin’s sister Joanne Clifton for the renowned glitterball.

Source: Hello! Magazine

Article: Louise Redknapp’s Partner Kevin Clifton Reveals She Almost Pulled Out Of Show

Little did she know quite how far she’d get!

She might have made it as far as the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ finals, but it’s been revealed that Louise Redknapp almost pulled out of this year’s series altogether due to nerves.

Louise has definitely been one of the stand-outs of ‘Strictly’ this year, and will be competing against Ore Oduba and Danny Mac in Saturday night’s (17 December) live final.

However, her professional partner Kevin Clifton has revealed that she almost didn’t even make it to the first show, let alone the grand finale.

Louise Redknapp

Speaking at a ‘Strictly’ press conference earlier this week, he said (via Digital Spy): “Right at the beginning of the series, Louise came in and said to me, ‘I nearly didn’t do it in the end. I’ve always wanted to do it but I was really scared’.

“She said, ‘I’ll give you my best but I’m probably not going to be confident enough to do any of that jazz hands and thigh slapping stuff’. And I said, ‘Unfortunately, Louise, you’re partnered with me’. Fast-forward to Musicals Week and she’s going for it…”

Kevin Clifton and Louise Redknapp

Louise previously revealed her concerns about how she’d perform on the show in an exclusive interview with HuffPost UK, before the series began.

She said: “[The scariest aspect] is just not embarrassing myself… I just don’t want to let myself down, or let anyone else down. I want to be able to hold my head up high when I come out of it.”

But Louise isn’t the only memorable contestant from this year’s series who almost backed out at the last minute, with Lesley Joseph previously admitting that Ed Balls had also had second thoughts at the eleventh hour.

The ‘Strictly’ final kicks off on Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC One.

Article: Louise Redknapp hasn’t been hit by the Strictly curse – it’s actually improved her marriage

Louise Redknapp hasn’t been hit by the Strictly curse – it’s actually improved her marriage

Louise Redknapp’s dances with Kevin Clifton have strengthened her marriage to Jamie Redknapp (Picture: BBC/Guy Levy)

Louise Redknapp has spoken out about her marriage ahead of the Strictly Come Dancing live final, and it seems she’s completely dodged the Strictly curse.

Over the years the show has become synonymous with breaking relationships following the week-after-week rumbas with attractive dance partners, but Louise Redknapp, 42, has revealed how the show has actually strengthened her marriage to 43-year-old footballer Jamie.

Speaking at the finalists’ press conference, the pop star turned presenter explained: ‘I’m going to be so honest, when I first started Strictly, I thought this is so not going to be up Jamie’s street.

‘But since then I can’t get rid of him, he comes every Saturday and sits on the front row – he’s also in the training room.

Louise Redknapp hasn’t been hit by the Strictly curse – it’s actually improved her marriage
Louise Redknapp and Jamie Redknapp have been married for 18 years (Picture: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

‘I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I was just going to go off to work, do my thing. Honestly, he was very happy for me to do it, he said, “I think it’s going to be great for you and it’s about time you got back out there and show everyone who you are.” I just wasn’t expecting him to be there every Saturday.

‘That has made this experience so special for me, it’s really nice to see that person you love be extremely proud of you,’ she added.


So there you go – not everyone’s searching for a cheeky Cha-Cha when they sign up to Strictly.


The pair married back in 1998 and have two children together, sons Charley, 12, and Beau, eight.

Louise and her dance partner, Kevin Clifton, are going up against Danny Mac and Ore Oduba in the Strictly live final, and it’s looking to be the closest dance-off in years.

You can catch the Strictly final tonight on BBC One at 6.40pm.

Source: Metro

Article: Even Scunthorpe United supporters will be voting for Grimsby’s Cliftons in Strictly final tonight!


The messages of support keep coming

THE GOOD Luck messages keep flooding into our Facebook page as the Strictly final draws near. Our GREAT GRIMSBY dancers Joanne and Kevin Clifton will be hoping the whole of Lincolnshire gets behinds them and votes one of them to victory!

Here are just more of your messages of support – and pledges that you are certainly going to be voting for them. Add your messages either at the end of this page or on our Facebook post:

Paul Gill: I’m sure that Scunthorpe United fans will be cheering them on to glory as well.

Sue Smith: Good luck Cliftons. Come on Grimsby get voting

Rosemari Boyers Can’t wait!

Glenn Hill: Come on Kevin

Judy Pearson: Good luck for the amazing duo from Grimsby, your both winners already, hope we get that glitter ball xx

Christine Ornsby: Good luck Kevin something great you and Joanne coming out of Grimsby for a change xx

Maureen Taylor: Good look wish both could win but Kevin is my favorite be the bride this time

Lynne Kettle: Good luck to you both I will be rooting for both of you you both dance fantastic. X

Ann McClean: Good luck to you both , you’re mum and dad must be bursting with joy and pride xx

Diane Parker: Best wishes for you both tonight, I will phone as many times for both of you, keeping fingers and toes crossed x

Article: ‘THEY’RE DOING EVERYTHING TO WIN’ As Strictly siblings Joanne and Kevin Clifton face each other in tonight’s final, their dad opens up about their sibling rivalry

Dad Keith reveals how the pair will really feel if the other wins

TONIGHT’S Strictly final is set to be the most dramatic yet, as for the first time sibling professional dancers Joanne and Kevin Clifton are going head to head to win the glitterball trophy.

Joanne, 33, has been paired with presenter Ore Oduba, 30, while 34-year-old Kevin is dancing with singer Louise Redknapp, 42, and their dad Keith reveals that both are doing “everything within their power” to win the BBC1 show.

Joanne and Kevin Clifton

Brother and sister Joanne and Kevin Clifton pictured with Kevin’s wife Karen (R) will be battling it out in tonight’s Strictly final

“They both want to win it, and yes they are doing everything within their power to do that. They have grown up with dancing contests,” he told The Daily Express.

And although Keith who is also a dance champ says they both want to win equally, they are also rooting for one another.

“If either of them wins the competition the other will be overjoyed,” he said

Joanne and Kevin Clifton

Their dad Keith has revealed whether there is any sibling rivalry

“You have only got to look at Kevin’s reaction when Joanne and Ore got through to the final – he did a massive punch in the air and it was the same way with Joanne when Kevin got through.

“Both my wife and I are in bits and so proud of our children for being in the final.”

In fact Keith is so profoundly happy at seeing his offspring in the final, that it’s even as poignant as one other special life moment…

“I haven’t been this happy since I got my PPI compensation back.”

And while their dad’s trying to keep the peace between his children, Joanne recently declared that there is “always rivalry” between them.

“There is always rivalry between me and Kevin. I don’t know if he thinks about it, but I always want to beat him. He used to practice his wrestling moves on me so I want to get him back.”

This week Kevin uploaded a childhood picture of them and said he was “so proud” of Joanne for getting through to the final.

 Kevin uploaded this cute childhood snap to congratulate Joanne on getting through to the finalINSTAGRAM

Despite his pride, he did recently admit that her talent is “annoying”

“She’s on fire, it’s annoying!” he exclaimed.

“I’m really proud of her. She has a renewed sense of determination and is bringing out her best work. But I don’t tell too many people that.”

Source: The Sun