Article: Susanna Reid feels great about the American Smooth & Kevin gushes about how proud he is

BBC Breakfast host Susanna Reid and her professional partner, Kevin Clifton are set to take to the dance floor once again this week after their Indiana Jones themed Salsa – which nearly gave poor Len Goodman an excitement-related heart attack.

The pair scored a total of 29 last week, down from the week previous, but still respectable. This week they will be dancing the American smooth and by all accounts, Susanna is loving the dance so far. We’ll see whether that changes or not by the time Saturday arrives…

Speaking about how last week’s Samba went, Susanna said: “I absolutely loved doing the Samba, there was so much energy in it, we had a lot of fun doing it – it was ridiculously fun. You can’t do half measures. I loved the opening bit where Kevin comes bounding across those crumbling blocks to save me”.

Last week, the pair received a score of 29, with a 6 from Craig, a 7 from Darcey and two 8’s from Len and Bruno. Although it’s a good score, it wasn’t a patch on Natalie and Artem’s overall score… but we won’t go there.

“Yes, I know we come on here every week and have a laugh, but perhaps I don’t say it enough – With Susanna, I’ve never known someone to work so hard and I’m so proud of her because it doesn’t come naturally. The first few days are a mess usually, but she works so hard to get everything right,” Kevin said of his tutee.

This week, the pair have got the American Smooth and they’re dancing to Tony Bennett.

“It’s always a mess at the beginning of the week, we went in today and it felt lovely; beautiful music and wonderful music Kevin has choreographed a dance to and it feel great. Whether it’ll feel great on Saturday night…” – Well yes, that’s a different story, isn’t it Susanna?

Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC One.

Source: Unreality TV


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