Kevin and Susanna’s dances so far – Week 3: Viennese Waltz (video and pictures)

(Credits: Simply Pasha)

363557013-500x500 article-2456280-18B3230400000578-701_634x464 article-2457991-18B84EE500000578-813_634x372 BWZdVV4CcAAk4F9 BWZf4xBCcAAwhn3 BWZcyBYCEAAl4pv NewPicture23_zps3758a278 NewPicture27_zps0919f74d tumblr_muruxgRNSo1sx7kf4o2_1280 tumblr_muruxgRNSo1sx7kf4o1_r1_1280 tumblr_muo08ykQvf1qdbb5jo2_r1_500


(Credits: BBC, Monkseal, strictlystrictly Tumblr, our screencaps)


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